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2 Days to Crochet

Now finally I got my rest days from my work. I am going to focus on my crochet work for 2 whole days. No work of any kind except crocheting,eating,sleeping and exercising.

From last few weeks I am trying to get some time out of my busy schedule to start some crochet projects for coming Christmas.. I am thinking of donating some hats and other crochet accessories at a donation center in my city before Christmas week.

I am planning to make a Slouchy hat + Gloves and matching pair of Boot cuff to wear on Christmas eve. I am searching over the internet for some good patterns.

For donation, I am not able to think about anything but hats. I am still looking for some useful patterns which can help people during coming winter to protect themselves.

So, this is what I am going to do next 2 days just crocheting. Do you crochet what’s your current project you are working on?

P.S. If you have any idea what I can make to give at donation center. Please let me know.