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Here comes the beggining of a new life in new city

Hii guys,

So, as I posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts about my crochet and other stuff going on. Here is the long-winded description of what I did during February end and at the in March till now.

Firstly, hubby got a great job offer from a very well reputed hospital and research center (sorry can’t tell you the name, but you are free to guess)  As we were getting close to starting date of his new job, he did his farewell from previous job a week before going to new place for another job.

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Crochet Accomplishments: January 2015

With the end of first month of 2015. I am here with list of all my work that I have done in January 2015. It might be a very small list of things I did. But I completed it with lots of love and dedication. I hope you all will like..

1)  Rose Buds On Border Crochet Infinity Scarf : This is my favorite project I finished this month. I started making it in December and finished in January. So I am including it in this month. It is very warm cozy and stylish to wear with anything.. I just love.. love.. love it.. Continue reading