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Eat and diet together… How??

Last week I was browsing over the internet to find out a good diet plan which will not ruin my metabolism, gives me lots of energy and helps to reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

After searching for hours I finally found out a plan where I am eating a lot and losing weight too. Then I searched more about this plan and found out some more interesting facts and results related to the benefits of this awesome diet plan for everyone.

62/365 - On A Diet

Till the time I knew about that diet I have saw so many people, heard their stories and experienced it by myself about other ways of dieting like calorie counting, low carb low fat, juice fasting, water fasting,Gm diet etc. And the end result might be quick in terms of weight loss and looking slim but it also comes with weakness,dull and tired looking face and skin, ruined metabolism and other hormonal issues..

But the diet plan I am taking about helped people to loose weight, get glowing skin, improved metabolism and healing of lots of skin and other hormonal issues.

I am on this diet from last 5 days and feeling awesome so far. I am still in experiment phase on myself.I will update you with my 10 days of results with it.

To know more about this new diet stay in touch, I’ll let you know in my next post very soon.. Till than stay healthy, happy and spread the smile..

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Tasty and Healthy Pizza Recipe

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Hii friends..

I know Tasty and Healthy are sometime contradictory words. But with a little trick and tactics you can make it happen.. Pizza is the favorite thing for everyone of various age groups. But as we all know pizza is nothing but made of lots of bad carb and fat. To add some nutritional kick to your favorite pizza here are some tips and tricks do to every time you want to eat pizza.

  1.  Try making it at home, so that you will know what are the ingredients and how much you want to add in or remove.
  2. Choose whole wheat, vegan or gluten free options. They are more healthy with less numbers of bad calories.
  3.  If you are preparing homemade or frozen pizza load it with lots of veggies instead of cheese.
  4.  If you are preparing pizza dough by yourself, add some Quinoa flour, soy flour, oat flour or whole wheat flour to add more fiber and protein instead of making it from devil all purpose flour.
  5.  While I prepare frozen pizza, I do a little preparation to make it healthy, like spreading a thick layer of hummus instead of pizza sauce or along with it. It gives a nice cheese flavor after being cooked in the oven.
  6.  I love adding extra veggies like, cabbage, bell pepper, jalapenos, onions,tomato, kale, spinach, broccoli etc. before putting it in the oven.
  7. Season it with some garlic + dried basil + parsley+ onion powder + black pepper powder and salt. Also cover it with some shredded cheese on the top to hide a bit all the veggies.
  8. Also if you like to get a little crunch while eating a pizza you can top little raw cabbage on it.. It will get a crunch and taste great on pizza.

Try this little tips and do some preparations beforehand so that you can eat a healthy and guilt free pizza every time..

Have a great day…