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Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments: Free Pattern

Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone is busy in preparations for upcoming holidays. For all crocheters this is an awesome time to make cute little projects for kids as well as adults. Everyone comes in the spirit of this holiday season .

Wonderful Christmas Tree Ornaments

As I am Also a crochet lover here are some cute patterns to make for your Christmas tree and house decoration this season. Have fun with it.. Click on the link below to get patterns free..

Wonderful DIY Crochet Christmas Ornaments With Free Pattern.


2 Days to Crochet

Now finally I got my rest days from my work. I am going to focus on my crochet work for 2 whole days. No work of any kind except crocheting,eating,sleeping and exercising.

From last few weeks I am trying to get some time out of my busy schedule to start some crochet projects for coming Christmas.. I am thinking of donating some hats and other crochet accessories at a donation center in my city before Christmas week.

I am planning to make a Slouchy hat + Gloves and matching pair of Boot cuff to wear on Christmas eve. I am searching over the internet for some good patterns.

For donation, I am not able to think about anything but hats. I am still looking for some useful patterns which can help people during coming winter to protect themselves.

So, this is what I am going to do next 2 days just crocheting. Do you crochet what’s your current project you are working on?

P.S. If you have any idea what I can make to give at donation center. Please let me know.