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I am a stay-at-home wife and new mom. I love to cook , crochet, reading novels, exercise, browsing internet for hours and exploring new things within my approach. My blog is about how I try to stay healthy, fit and active. Also my hobby & love for crochet and crafts I do for my family and friends. Few other things about me are: ~ I am basically from India who came to USA after marriage. ~I am a wife of very loving and caring husband and proud mother of a beautiful little girl ūüĎ™( little happy family). ~I love exploring new things to try and talking to strangers (which my hubby hates ūüėĄ). ~ I am a natures person, love staying close to natural things like river, trees, green fields with lots of birds chirping around me, fresh wind flowing through my hairs, sound of clam and clean water of river.... So we decided to live a place like this someday and we finally got a chance when we moved to hubby's new place of job. Look at the pic ūüĎá from my bedroom window.. Isn't it amazing.. To stay in touch and get updates "Follow Me" on Wordpress and Facebook. Have fun and keep smiling! :-)

Here comes the beggining of a new life in new city

Hii guys,

So, as I posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts about my crochet and other stuff going on. Here is the long-winded description of what I did during February end and at the in March till now.

Firstly, hubby got a great job offer from a very well reputed hospital and research center (sorry can’t tell you the name, but you are free to guess) ¬†As we were getting close to starting¬†date of his new job, he did his farewell¬†from previous job a week before going to new place for another job.

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Crochet Heart Strings

It will make a cute valentine’s day project. So easy to follow pattern. Thinking about what things I can make out of it..

Make My Day Creative

Heart Strings 2 row pattern Heart Strings ‚Äď an easy 2 row pattern!

How cute are these little hearts? These heart strings are quick to make and can be used for lots of craft projects.  Mini garlands, gift wrapping, bracelets and even as a fancy edging.  I tied some round a jar candle as an easy alternative to making a jar cover!

Use Heart Strings to make an easy jar cover! Use Heart Strings to make an easy jar cover!

The best bit is it is just 2 rows of crochet with no joining of motifs, and no cutting and re-joining of the yarn. Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation) You can use any leftover stash yarn and a matching hook size.  Mine are made with size 3mm and 4mm hooks.


Ch a multiple of 4 +1 (eg for a 5 heart string ch21)

Tip: crochet R1 through both loops of the chain ‚Äď this keeps the dip‚Ķ

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Quick And Easy Valentine’s Day Crochet Round-up

Hii Guys.. As valentine’s day is just coming here is a round up as I promised to tell you all about.. All of them are my favorite patterns going on all over the crochet roundup sites. So I thought why not sort it out for you all according to my likeness..

These patterns are very quick and easy to do. Almost everything is one day project to surprise your loved one this Valentine Or make for yourself because we love ourselves too.. So,here I go..

Valentine day mug cozy

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Crochet Accomplishments: January 2015

With the end of first month of 2015. I am here with list of all my work that I have done in January 2015. It might be a very small list of things I did. But I completed it with lots of love and dedication. I hope you all will like..

1)  Rose Buds On Border Crochet Infinity Scarf : This is my favorite project I finished this month. I started making it in December and finished in January. So I am including it in this month. It is very warm cozy and stylish to wear with anything.. I just love.. love.. love it.. Continue reading

Valentine‚Äôs Day Crochet Project 2: Heart Granny Square

Hii guys..

Here is another Valentine’day project “Heart Granny Square”

heart granny

Crochet Heart Granny Square

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January 2015: Work In Progress #2

Hi guys..

As yesterday I updated my Facebook status about my health. So as I am now feeling much better than before, I am ready to show you my latest and current projects I am working on.

So in this post series I am going to tell about projects I am working on each month. And for year 2015 month January my first project was Valentine’s day heart coaster/doily.

Now second project that I am working on is a small Star Baby Blanket. I came to make it when I was going through my yarn stash and found one of the yarn that I have never used for anything before. It feels so soft to touch and warm.

Star baby blanket

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Valentine’s Day Crochet Project 1: Hearts Coaster/Doily Pattern

Hii Guys..

This is my first post for valentine’s day patterns. I made these five¬†cute heart doilies or coasters as a decorative piece. I have already made the center piece few months ago. So I used the same thread to make my small doilies to complement the center one.¬†I am thinking of making one more center piece and few more coaster size doilies for decorating my dinning table.

heart doily

Heart Doily/Coaster

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Ready To Sell My Infinity Scarf

Hii guys..

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

So, In my last post I told you about my beautiful infinity scarf I made for myself. Now I’ve decided to sell it out. As I have never sold anything before. This is my first time to sell anything I made by myself.¬† Continue reading

Rose Buds On Border Crochet Infinity Scarf

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

Hello all,

As the new year begin temperature in city started falling down, today its about 20¬†¬įF¬†which is the highest of this year in at my place. So I was thinking to make an infinity scarf for Continue reading