Here comes the beggining of a new life in new city

Hii guys,

So, as I posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts about my crochet and other stuff going on. Here is the long-winded description of what I did during February end and at the in March till now.

Firstly, hubby got a great job offer from a very well reputed hospital and research center (sorry can’t tell you the name, but you are free to guess)  As we were getting close to starting date of his new job, he did his farewell from previous job a week before going to new place for another job.

We used first 5 days of that week to roam around our city which we are going to leave soon. During that time it was snowing and the temperature was about 5-10°F, but we managed to do few things outside the home. We watched movies back to back, headed to lots of different restaurants we never tried before, had a gathering with all the friends at home with homemade meals, played some games and gave them a gift of remembrance. It was really an emotional time for us to leave that place and moving to a new place and start from the bottom. But we are happy and satisfied to do this change for better.

Road outside my old Apartment

We started our journey to a new life and kept all the stuff in our rental van. It was the last view of our old home with some tears of joy, great moments of that place were flashing in front of eyes with a hope in our heart to make more awesome moments together in life ahead.

After reaching to a new place we felt very rested and calm, unpacked few things to go to bed. Me and my hubby both were awake all night long, not sure it’s because of the new place and excitement or missing the old home. In the morning we talked to all of our family members shared pics of our new home. Unpacked more stuff slowly and headed out to get a look over the city. As he still has 2 days to join his work, we spent the last two days on shopping for some more formal dresses for him, household items and grocery, talked with family and slept a lot.


March 9, he started his job and I am at home unpacking things slowly and thinking about the stories behind each item in my home, even my shoe rack(LOL). Sometimes I think, how weird is that we get connected with each and everything which comes during our life, especially things which were with us during our struggle or bad times. They usually have a special place in our life.  For  example think about your first thing, place or vehicle you bought from your earning/stipend after waiting for so many years and struggling for reaching to a higher level. As being said “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” .

photo credit: <a href=”″>DSC_0404</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

And that’s the little part of my move to a new place and the beginning of new life for a better future. I think now the journey of life is going to be more adventurous than before. Hoping for the best.

So, see you soon with my next post soon with my crochet work and patterns. I know I should have said a little about crochet here too. But I just wanted to share my moving story with all of you, so that I can get a view of what do you think? Are you able to relate to anything I just said? Let me know in comments, and don’t forget to like my post and my Facebook page. And I am also on Instagram you can follow me there too at @healthandhobbycrochet

See you soon then.

Bye, take care of yourself and keep smiling and live the life gifted to you because this is the one you’ve got make it worth.
photo credit: DSC_0404photopin(license)


3 thoughts on “Here comes the beggining of a new life in new city

      1. knightwitch

        You’re welcome. I look forward to your post! No time limit so don’t worry if it takes a bit to get it together.
        Oh an ‘about’ page is very much a personal choice, IMO. It just would’ve been a better place to post something like a nomination, tho, unless of you have an awards page ;-). Your blog is how you want to make it. It’s yours after all. Have fun with it.



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