Crochet Accomplishments: January 2015

With the end of first month of 2015. I am here with list of all my work that I have done in January 2015. It might be a very small list of things I did. But I completed it with lots of love and dedication. I hope you all will like..

1)  Rose Buds On Border Crochet Infinity Scarf : This is my favorite project I finished this month. I started making it in December and finished in January. So I am including it in this month. It is very warm cozy and stylish to wear with anything.. I just love.. love.. love it..

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

2) Valentine’s Day Crochet Project 1: Hearts Coaster/Doily Pattern : I made this coaster to accompany my center doily piece with same color of thread. I am sure it will look much more better with red or any other bright colored yarn/thread. You can find its pattern from here..

Heart Doily/Coaster

Heart Doily/Coaster

3) Star Baby Blanket: As I already mentioned you the story about this project and reason for making it. You can find its pattern and my story here.

Star baby blanket

Star Baby Blanket

4) Heart Granny Square: I came across this project when I was looking for something to do with scarp yarn. I tried making this pattern and I think it turned out good. You can find its details here..

heart granny 1

Heart Granny Square

So, this is a very short story of my January 2015 crochet accomplishment. I wish you all liked them. See you all soon with my another project.

Also, I am always on my Facebook page posting about my projects their journey. Please like my Facebook page to  show me your support and to encourage me to post more good things share with you all.

Thank you so much for stopping by.. Keep smiling and take care.. 🙂 Bye..


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