Valentine’s Day Crochet Project 1: Hearts Coaster/Doily Pattern

Hii Guys..

This is my first post for valentine’s day patterns. I made these five cute heart doilies or coasters as a decorative piece. I have already made the center piece few months ago. So I used the same thread to make my small doilies to complement the center one. I am thinking of making one more center piece and few more coaster size doilies for decorating my dinning table.

heart doily

Heart Doily/Coaster

If you are going to make this pattern you can make it with just one like mine or with two colors. Using two colors will help to enhance the look of the piece and will differentiate the hearts from the center circular part. But as I was matching it with center piece I used only one color here.

Heart doily

I am using it as a coaster/doily, you can make a garland by attaching it through strings, scarf or as applique on clothing. Use your creativity and let me know it too.. How you did?

I found this pattern on this site. Here you’ll be able to find pattern in both USA and UK terms. It is very easy to follow just read it carefully. It can be made in 2 sizes using thread. I made my orange ones with 2.5mm hook, which made a 3.5″ doily and by using 3 mm hook it made a 5.5″ doilly.

heart doily 1.1

Here you can see the original image from the blog I used to make this pattern and the one I made. You can try making your doily with any number of color choices you want.

I prefer to make it with 2.5mm hook, because it will be firm and looks much better than the larger one. I hope you liked the first project in valentine’s day crochet category. I ‘ll soon add some more patterns that I make and rounds up through other blogs and site for you..

See you guys later, remember to leave your likes and comments below as a review for my work..


Keep Smiling..


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