Ready To Sell My Infinity Scarf

Hii guys..

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

Rose Buds On Border Infinity Scarf: By Health and Hobby

So, In my last post I told you about my beautiful infinity scarf I made for myself. Now I’ve decided to sell it out. As I have never sold anything before. This is my first time to sell anything I made by myself. 

If anyone in here or there is interested in buying an infinity scarf for yourself or someone else as a gift. Please follow the given link to ebay and get it for $12 only. After searching over internet I though it should be little cheap and reasonable for buyers as it is my first project. But I might increase pricing after few months if I get a really good response or may be not because you love me so much.. HAHAHA.. LOL…

Looking forward for your response..  Here is the link for it..


4 thoughts on “Ready To Sell My Infinity Scarf

  1. Julie the Workaholic

    This scarf is LOVELY!

    I’ve been making infinity scarves like mad this season (I broke my ankle in November so I had to find something besides exercise to do), and I just love this! Just found your blog, and wanted to stop by, and now that I have, I am going to follow because health and hobbies are two of my favorite things! Looking forward to exploring. 🙂

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